yacht insurance

Yacht insurance

When you are looking for your yacht insurance you want to speak to someone with an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of sailing. Someone who will completely understand your needs, appreciate your concerns and provide you with a competitive quote for insurance that is tailored to suit your needs.

Many of our team are intrinsically involved with all aspects of the yachting sector, either cruising or racing their own boats or as crew.

Whether it is supporting teams in some of the UK’s leading yacht racing events or cruising in home waters and further afield our understanding of the environment is extensive.

A number of our senior Underwriters have been providing yacht insurance for over 30 years and sailing their entire lives. Many are yacht club or sailing club members, RYA members and involved with the promotion and management of the sport.

From state of the art modern carbon racing machines to classics, small family yachts to blue water cruisers, we are well placed to meet your needs.

Our team spend time on the coast, evaluating mooring locations and are familiar with cruising grounds.

We keep abreast of advancements in technology and new building methods whilst appreciating the specific requirements of those with traditional craft.

Helping our customers to reduce risk, sharing our experiences and developing our insurance to meet the needs of yacht owners are all part of our day to day activity.

Our boat insurance is backed by first class, award-winning service including field claims support when required provided by our own RYA Yachtmaster qualified staff.

Our specialist expertise ensures that your valued asset receives the care and attention it needs and you get the level of service you want.

Please call our friendly and knowledgeable team or click here for a yacht insurance quote.